Yoga will help you stay fit, strong and energised without compromising your or your child’s wellbeing. Spending time to connect to your breathing, your body and your baby will help you build awareness of your body and embrace the changes it is going through. You will deepen your understanding of the power of your body and learn to place your trust in it. Yoga will help you strengthen your birthing muscles and, generally, promote a healthy, conscious birth.

The aim of the  Pregnancy Yoga class is to create a community: To provide a safe environment for women to feel open, supported and empowered. To facilitate a space where they can connect and talk about what is on their minds, the practicalities of birth, how they feel, their fears, worries and hopes. Classes begin with breathing (pranayama), we then move through a flowing sequence of postures (asana) modified to suit a pregnant body and, finally, we spend some time visualising and in relaxation. 

Tap into your innate female wisdom, courage and strength. Soften and let go.

Yoga will become your toolkit to decrease common pregnancy ailments like backache, anxiety and insomnia. It may help you improve your circulation and ease fluid retention. Yoga may help you improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. And best of all, yoga is a great preparation not only for the birth of your child, but also for the birth of you as a mother.


The aim of the Mum & Baby Postnatal Yoga class is to promote relaxation and wellbeing for mothers and babies (6 weeks to advanced crawling). The central focus is on postpartum recovery through breathing (pranayama) and movement (asana). Classes are designed to release stress and tension and to cultivate strength, flexibility and balance on both a mental and a physical level and to support women through the joys and demands of motherhood.


I teach regular classes, offer private sessions and am generally very happy to answer your questions, yoga-related or otherwise. In session, I listen, observe and tailor each practice to your specific needs, goals and desires. I'm there to guide you and support you no matter what stage on your path you may be.


Chetna says...

"Adela is an amazing Pregnancy Yoga teacher -- inspiring and caring, gentle flowing techniques and always made to feel relaxed = happy mummy and baby in tummy!"

Hayley says...

"Adela has a very calm and gentle demeanour that makes her pregnancy yoga classes a pleasure to attend. The small classes mean that Adela is able to focus on each person in the room and ensure that practice is tailored to an individuals needs. I always went away from the class feeling relaxed but more active and mobile at the same time, even at 39 weeks! I would highly recommend the class and feel that it has helped to prepare for labour. Thanks so much Adela!"

Thuha says...

"Adela is a fantastic yoga instructor. Her calm and warm personality is very welcoming and relaxing, she has a great way of motivating and encouraging you. I have absolutely loved the pregnancy yoga classes I have done with her, they have helped me stay fit and active during my pregnancy, especially in the last few months. I strongly recommend her classes for anyone interested in yoga at any level."

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