Pregnancy Yoga with Yolande Diver // TUESDAY // 6:45-8pm // BAR Gallery, 4-5 Queens Parade, Walm Lane, London, NW2 5HT


You're pregnant. Suddenly, your body becomes public property (strangers freely reaching for your bump, friends commenting on your size and shape...), and everybody seems to have advice for you (do this, don't do that, when I was pregnant..., and so on). There are thousands of books to read and endless amounts of kit to buy to "be ready for the baby". Panic and overwhelm set in. The whole thing seems like a minefield. You want to hide somewhere safe and warm. Or maybe not, maybe it's a breeze for you and that's fantastic! In any case, I say: Try yoga.


Find a pregnancy yoga class near you and make it your refuge. A place to get away from the chaos. Leave your work, family, social life and responsibilities behind. Make it a you time. A place to be exactly the way you are and to be your own number one priority. Allow yourself to be looked after, guided, supported and nourished.


It's not disability either. Pregnancy and birth are natural physiological functions. In fact, female body is a miracle machine. It can grow a whole new person inside -- and it's perfectly equipped to do that entirely by itself! It also knows how to get this baby out when the time comes. Sometimes, there are complications and the body needs a bit of help. But, most of the time, we (human minds, human intellect, science) just tend to get in the way.


Yoga provides the space for you to deepen your understanding of the power of your body and learn to place your trust in it. Tap into your innate female wisdom, courage and strength. Soften and let go. Breathing and relaxation are both essential elements of pregnancy yoga. Being still and connecting to your breath helps to build awareness of your body and embrace the changes it is going through.


Pregnancy yoga is not just all lying down in relaxation though. You'll get physical. Asana practice that has been modified to suit a pregnant body (no planks, chaturangas or headstands for most bumps!) will help you stay fit, strong and energised without compromising your or your child’s wellbeing.

Yoga will become your toolkit to decrease common pregnancy ailments like backache, anxiety and insomnia. It may help you improve your circulation and ease fluid retention. It'll help you strengthen your birthing muscles and, generally, promote a healthy, conscious birth.


This is the closest you'll ever be to your baby. Fact. The moment labour begins, your baby starts to move away from you. Enjoy the nine months when you are one, connected through your breath. Be present as much as you can. Cherish each moment.


Sisterhood is massively underrated. We tend to live in hurried isolation these days. Pregnancy yoga class is a meeting place. A community. You will meet other women who are going through the same trials and tribulations of their new incarnation as mothers. You'll gain support network. You might even make friends for life.

Ideally, pregnancy yoga class will provide a safe environment for you to feel open, supported and empowered. A space where you can connect to other women and talk about what is on your mind. The practicalities of birth, how you feel, what your fears, worries and hopes are. 


I teach regular classes, offer private sessions and am generally very happy to answer your questions, yoga-related or otherwise. In session, I listen, observe and tailor each practice to your specific needs, goals and desires. I'm there to guide you and support you no matter what stage on your path you may be.


Emelie says...

"I really enjoyed Pregnancy Yoga with Adela as her energy, calm and encouragement fills the room with a nice atmosphere apart from the yoga sessions. The sessions are very welcoming and she practiced a nice variation of different yoga movements that helped ourselves and our bodies to get ready for the big day and beyond. Every time I left the yoga class I felt very relaxed and calm.”

Yusra says...

"I loved every minute of my weekly yoga sessions with Adela. It was exactly what I needed during my pregnancy and helped me unwind and stay fit and served as my weekly  'me time'. Adela was always smiling, helping me to feel confident and relaxed. When I went into labour I was able to employ the breathing techniques which helped me stay calm and focused. Now my baby is here I'm really looking forward to starting yoga again with him! Thank you for everything Adela x"

Chetna says...

"Adela is an amazing Pregnancy Yoga teacher -- inspiring and caring, gentle flowing techniques and always made to feel relaxed = happy mummy and baby in tummy!"

Hayley says...

"Adela has a very calm and gentle demeanour that makes her pregnancy yoga classes a pleasure to attend. The small classes mean that Adela is able to focus on each person in the room and ensure that practice is tailored to an individuals needs. I always went away from the class feeling relaxed but more active and mobile at the same time, even at 39 weeks! I would highly recommend the class and feel that it has helped to prepare for labour. Thanks so much Adela!"

Thuha says...

"Adela is a fantastic yoga instructor. Her calm and warm personality is very welcoming and relaxing, she has a great way of motivating and encouraging you. I have absolutely loved the pregnancy yoga classes I have done with her, they have helped me stay fit and active during my pregnancy, especially in the last few months. I strongly recommend her classes for anyone interested in yoga at any level."

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