When it comes to creating a lasting and sustainable meditation practice, I believe in ease, practicality and convenience. Meditation has to fit into my life seamlessly so that even on those days when I really don't feel like it, I have no excuse to skip the practice.

My daily practice normally looks like this: first thing after I wake up, I sit up in my bed, set the alarm* for 10 minutes and go. I sit cross legged with hands on my thighs palms down eyes closed and focus on my breathing. Inhale, space, exhale, space.

I try not to engage with any thoughts that might pop up (because they most definitely will). When the thoughts are really stubborn and just won't go, I might add a silent mantra to keep my focus. It could be as simple as saying silently to myself 'breathe in' on inhale and 'breathe out' on exhale. When the alarm goes off, I finish with a stretch and I'm ready to face pretty much anything.

* I use the Meditate app on my iPhone. I've always used this one and love its simplicity. The options includes chimes (silence, tingshas, bell or bowl sounded one, two or three times) at the beginning, interval and end. There is no background music or sounds but there are background images.