I just came back from the most wonderful weekend in Ibiza and am still high from it (and no, that's not a result of the "traditional" Ibizan party style, booze, or other substances)!

A bunch of beautiful souls got together to meditate at sunrise, practice deep yoga, swim in the sea and dance like there's no tomorrow. So much love was in the house on the mountain top we never wanted to leave.

It was a great time and place to reflect on the first three weeks of my meditation quest -- only to realise that it actually isn't so much of a quest. I just loved the sound of the word. What I'm really doing here is building a habit and strengthening my practice.

We're all different. I personally respond well to a goal and a deadline. So I got thinking about the idea that, as it's said, in order to really master anything, you need to spend 10,000 hours performing that activity. That is a serious commitment.

Let's say you spend one hour each day mastering your thing (whatever that thing may be, playing an instrument is always a good example), it'll take you about 27 years to reach mastery. A pretty daunting concept in this day and age of speed and instant gratification!

Not sure I am ready for that kind of goal (letting it stew for a while) but, in a bid to step up my game, I have decided to start counting my hours. I am going to ditch convenience and my 10 minute meditations and make this exercise challenging, difficult and possibly at times quite annoying for myself:

100 hours by the end of the year. If I start on Wednesday (15 October 2014), that'll mean approximately 1.3 hours or 77 minutes a day.