Said to be the 'Stone of Courage', Amazonite helps to balance the male + female energies within, to integrate all aspects of the self and to bring forth clarity. Connected to the heart + throat chakras, it awakens compassion and promotes loving communication. Amazonite encourages us to open to our truth and integrity without fearing judgement and, in the process, fills our hearts with courage + determination to do good in the world.


The stone of 'Royalty + the Gods' that is said to have existed 'before time was born', Lapis is a particularly powerful stone for aiding deep inner work + journeying in altered states. Connected with the brow chakra as well as the dreaming energy centre, Lapis helps enhance intuition, expand awareness and reveal our deep inner truth. It supports us in developing insight into our dreams + a connection to our dream guides.


Clear quartz, also called simply rock crystal, is an energy amplifier and an all-round healing, energising and cleansing powerhouse. In its clear form, quartz is associated with masculine / yang energy and the power of the sun. Probably the most versatile stone on the planet, clear quartz will enhance and amplify any intention that is put into it.