Years ago when I first started delving deeper into yoga (but before I even started considering becoming a teacher myself) I had a chat about yoga and music with another girl during a course. I didn't have much of an opinion on the subject so I suppose hers kinda stuck with me on a subliminal level.

She was a devoted yogi and a teacher and hers was a hardcore view: only devotional music was appropriate to accompany a yoga practice. That or nothing. Sure, ok, why not. I mainly stuck with music-less yoga classes simply because the teachers I liked didn't play music.

Then one day I felt adventurous and rocked up to a vinyasa flow class, just to get out of my comfort zone a little. My system got a proper shock when the teacher switched on the dance music. Hm, not my bag. Not at all.

And then I discovered Jivamukti Yoga and during the very first class I took at the Ladbroke Grove studio, the teacher played "The Power Of Love" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood during savasana, the final relaxation. I loved it!

And that's the tricky bit with music, it's deeply personal. You won't please everyone.

I used to belong to the yoga-without-music camp but times they definitely are a changing. So to speak. I am now starting to experiment with music in a new yoga class that I started teaching recently. It seems appropriate and makes sense because it's an early morning yoga class, and a cheerful happy tune goes a long way to wake and start the day with a smile! I think I like this whole new element in my work. I love yoga and I love music, it makes sense.

1. "Graffiti On The Train" - Stereophonics
2. "Every You Every Me" - Placebo
3. "Teen Idle" - Marina And The Diamonds
4. "Come With Me Now" - Kongos
5. "Culture War" - Arcade Fire
6. "A Forest" - The Cure
7. "Not Even Close" - Darren Hayes
8. "Hermit The Frog" - Marina And The Diamonds
9. "Good Night Sweet Girl" - Ghost Of The Robot
10. "Record Collector" - Lissie
11. "Upside Down" - Paloma Faith
12. "I Am Not A Robot" - Marina And The Diamonds