A month in pictures, one prompt and one photo each day. August Break is the brainchild of Susannah Conway. Check out all photos by all participants on Instagram under #augustbreak2014. Here's roundup of my first week.

Day 1: Lunch

Time, space + real crockery aligned on this day -- which is not always the case. I try though. Really try to sit down with my lunch and just eat. Not eat and read. Not eat and watch something at the same time. Just eat. It was a healthy lunch too: quinoa salad with fresh summer greens. I love fresh peas. They instantly create a summer feel for me reminding me of my childhood summers when I used to eat peas straight of the plant in my grandparents garden. Happy days.

Day 2: Pattern

Favourite vintage table cloth + new succulent for the balcony.

Day 3: Window

I am obsessed with windows to say the least. It's one of the most interesting features of any building. Ugly or shoddy windows drive me crazy. Cheap plastic or aluminium windows in beautiful period buildings send me over the edge. Like I said, it's a bit of an obsession. It's what's behind the windows too. Looking from the inside, they frame the view perfectly. Looking from the outside, they give a peek into someone else's world. I came across an old photo from a holiday in Portugal. The view from the hotel room in Porto was stunning and the morning light came straight in. Window into the past, a perfect moment in time.

Day 4: Orange

I love colour but there isn't much of it in my home, or my wardrobe for that matter. I prefer whites and neutrals and black and let the form stand out instead. But I have this little orange elephant hanging on the notice board above my desk. It was a gift from a dear friend of mine. She always brings me something small back from her travels, this little orange guy is from Laos. Makes me smile and think of her every time I look at it.

Day 5: Three

Three is a magical number. All good things come in threes.

According to the Pythagorean school "the number 3, which they called triad, is the noblest of all digits, as it is the only number to equal the sum of all the terms below it, and the only number whose sum with those below equals the product of them and itself." A bit of maths there.

Then there's the Holy Trinity. The three kings. The Hindu Trimurti (Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer) and its counterpart Tridevi (Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga). The Three Jewels of Buddhism. I could go on.

I assembled three of my favourite quartz crystals and then pulled a card from my favourite tarot deck, The Wild Unknown. The three of wands is a beautiful card, I love the rainbow colours within the triangle. "The three of wands indicates you've had continued support from others. With their help you've formed a sense of self, of your values and morals. But now it's time to rely on yourself for guidance. Clarify your goals, cast others' needs and opinions aside. The future is infinite and it is yours." Golden guidance on that particular day! Om to that.

The Wild Unknown tarot cards

The Wild Unknown tarot cards

Day 6: Reflection

I cheated slightly because this is an old photo. But as soon as I saw the prompt for the day, this photo came to mind. I took it a few years back in New York on a sunny spring afternoon just after the storm.

Day 7: Today is

Early rise. Out and about. A day spent taking photos around Old Street. 

7_today is.JPG

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