Inspiration lurks everywhere, serendipity strikes wherever you go. You just need to keep your eyes open and, when you spot something that tickles you, grab it without second guessing and see where it takes you.

When I stumbled upon Susannah's first batch of collages a while back, it was one of those moments. I wanted to drop everything and go make one of my own! Cutting and pasting, glue and scissors, serendipitous creativity is my idea of heaven.

Over the last few weeks, I stopped immediately recycling magazines, catalogues and flyers and started hoarding them for when inspiration strikes. For the record, hoarding gives me the chills, I'm a serial de-clutterer -- but here was a promise of something magical and so I went with it.

It's a great exercise in getting out of your head and into your heart. Don't think about it. Just see what is in front of you and let your heart and your soul guide all the pieces together in a way your mind never could. X