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Tomorrow, the 8th of March, is the International Women's Day. When I was growing up back in the 80s in communist Czechoslovakia, the International Women's Day was a big deal. Then with the fall of communism, the International Women's Day took a hit. It's still celebrated, but the big deal is now the adopted celebration of a Valentines Day. Hm. That doesn't look too good from the perspective of equality of the sexes. Or celebrating inspiring women. Inspiration to object. Icon to trophy.

Anywho, I'll leave THAT topic to others. Let's celebrate the great women amongst us. Let's celebrate us, you and me. Let's be proud of being women. Let's aspire to inspire.

Here are my three inspirational examples of female greatness:


One of the best loved books of my childhood was a compilation of ancient Greek myths and legends and the Goddesses were a great inspiration to me. Strong, independent, powerful. Equal to their male counterparts. Human. Perfect in imperfection.

My favourite was Artemis. The Goddess of hunt, wilderness and wild animals. She is also a Goddess of childbirth and protector of young girls. Artemis is most often depicted as a huntress carrying bow and arrows. A bit of a tomboy really. A wild child. Free spirit.

She carries her bow and arrows for protection but never uses them, never hurts anyone. It's more of an energy talisman helping her to focus her thoughts and intentions. She never misses the mark. Ha!


This film was on my list to watch for a while. Then last night I finally saw it. And loved it! Well, I knew I would. But I LOVED it!

Shot in black and white, set in New York. 20-something girls trying to get their heads around life and everything. Frances is lost, naive, childlike. A misfit. A bit of a tomboy. Free spirit. She's all over the place. She does get her shit together in the end and it seems like she might finally be growing up.

It reminded me of Amelie for some reason. And Annie Hall.

Oh and great soundtrack too!


Marianne Williamson is a spiritual teacher, speaker and author. An awakened soul with a sharp wit. And now a political force running for a seat in the US Congress. To create anew. I can't vote for her but if I could I absolutely would. A thousand times. My dear state-siders, go for it!

"I am running for Congress because I believe America has gone off the democratic rails. A toxic brew of shrinking civil liberties, expanded corporate influence and domestic surveillance is poisoning our democracy. (...) That's the bad news, of course, but there is good news as well: we can change this!"

- Marianne Williamson

Watch Marianne on Youtube, read her books, listen to her talks. Get inspired. Get galvanised. You could start with this TED talk.