I had a dilemma this morning. Or, to be precise, I was lacking the courage to do a difficult thing. I kept asking myself: Shall I do it, or not, and why. What's my motivation. What is the right thing to do. What would so and so do. What will they think of me. What's the path of least resistance. What would I do if I wasn't afraid?

Head spinning, I sat down to meditate and sent my questions out into the universe (you know, since not all questions can be answered by Google!). Finally, my inner guide delivered: my fear driven brain was just confusing matters and I simply had to do what felt right in the heart even if it was the most difficult option. Done and done. Thank you. I love how it always works out, the answer is always (well, almost always) crystal clear at the end of meditation.

"Because the more silent we become, the better we can hear." Ram Dass