happy new year.jpg

My friend's three year old daughter is a real inspiration to me. She wakes up each morning with an excited roar simply because she's happy to be alive. She greets each day giddy with anticipation.

It's all too easy to lose this innate sense of wonder as we grow up and grow older. We do get all worked up about each new year though. We say "this will be THE year (insert your own annual proclamation)". New Year's Day can be seriously stressful as we make a whole bunch of resolutions that we know we will not keep. Or we refuse to participate in the resolution making altogether, and just wish the day away.

I stole some time over Christmas to just be with myself and ponder the year gone by. I feel happy. And grateful. Life is moving in the 'right' direction. I am more content than I've ever been. As I unravelled the year gone by, I realised that it's because I gave some serious time to soul food. You know, all those things that don't really need to be done. Things that aren't particularly useful in the common sense of the word. But things that are absolutely necessary to keep the soul alive once the bodily needs (food and shelter) are taken care of. Walking through a forest. Reading a book. Playing a piano. Running along a beach. Star gazing. Falling asleep in the middle of the day by the fire. Playing a video game. And so on.

If, like me, you live amongst the hustle and bustle of a big city, you could easily be tricked into believing that your worth equals the height of your stress levels and / or how busy you are. Then the medicine you need is soul food. Perhaps the reason you no longer live in a city is that you realised this a long time ago. Maybe you're thinking: what is she on about - then you definitely need soul food!

One thing I learnt last year is that soul food matters. Whatever yours is, feast on it abundantly. So that you too wake up in the morning with an excited roar, simply because you are happy to be alive!