So you know I think that skiing and yoga are a match made in heaven. But let's just get straight to the 'technical' bit here. If you're an athlete (whether your thing is skiing, running, boarding, tennis, triathlons, football, you name it), yoga could be your very best friend and ally. Who doesn't want to improve performance, prevent injury and recover faster?


Spending a day after day on the slopes is intense. It's physically and mentally demanding. You need strength and stamina to keep you going. You need to be able to concentrate and make decisions in a split second.


With a week on the slopes, chances are you will fall. Once or twice. Or maybe you will fall every day. Stiff bodies take a full impact when they hit the ground. Supple, flexible body has a lot more 'give'. This give may result in lesser impact when you fall. This could make all the difference between breaking a bone or not. And, of course, strong but supple muscles keep the joints stable and safe.


A day on the slopes means constant repeated contraction of muscles.  At the end of the day, you just feel achy and stiff, and maybe you get this feeling as if you've lost all control of your legs, you get the jelly legs. This is muscle fatigue resulting from build up of lactic acid due to anaerobic respiration. Stretching helps to break down and flush lactic acid, and help the tired muscles recover.

Build your strength, stamina and concentration with yoga. Cultivate flexibility and muscle length with yoga. Recover, restore and renew with gentle yogic stretching and breathing.

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