My friend Eva and I both love to ski. We also both love yoga. We are both yoga teachers. We love the Alps. We are now putting all this love together and organising a ski + yoga retreat  in the Alps, woohoo!

There is so much connection between skiing and yoga, I don't even know where to begin. In fact, before I 'discovered' yoga, there was skiing. I must have been about two years old when I got my first skis and have been in love ever since. You know that feeling when you come to your yoga mat and it feels like home? Well, that's exactly how I've always felt on top of the mountains.

Like yoga, skiing is a vehicle for reconnecting with your breath, your body, your essence. It's a very intense mental and physical activity. You really can't let your mind wonder when you are flying down the mountain! It's meditation in motion. The sun, the crisp air, the all encompassing silence. There is no past, no future. Time and space lose relevance in that moment.


If you have been coming here for some time now, you know that I like to talk about the new moon. Indeed, another one is coming up this Saturday. What a perfect time to plant the seed of our ski + yoga retreat!

Watch this space!

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