"The English word "courage" comes from the French coeur, meaning heart. One Sanskrit word for courage is saurya, which has the same root as the Sanskrit word for sun. In fact, many ancient systems associate the sun-heart of the solar system—with the pulsing, radiant muscle at the center of our circulatory system. I like the heart image, with its implication that courage comes from the center of being, from the organ that most directly resounds with the pulsation of life."
- Sally Kempton


Yoga has countless physical and emotional benefits. We all have our own reasons for coming to yoga (all of which are totally valid!). But what often occurs as a by product of our practice is self realisation. The knowledge of who we really are.

Maybe it started that one time when you lay in savasana and got a glimpse of IT, the true you that exists beyond your mind, your feelings, your ego. People often describe this feeling as "coming home". Even if it lasted no more than just a split second, you experienced it, got curious and decided that you wanted more of where that came from.

As you begin discover and connect with who you truly are, perhaps you start to notice some disparity between the “true you” and your “outer manifestation”. Maybe some dots start to connect and you begin to understand some of the whys of your past, your dreams, passions and desires. Maybe you can't put it into words but you just know. Maybe you start to question some elements of your life, your motivation to do something or be someone according to the expectations of somebody else: your family, your friends, your peers.

And then, gradually, you begin to let go of that which no longer resonates. You begin to release the old to make space for the new to enter. You start living from your heart according to what feels true for you because otherwise it just feels off and fake and an utter waste of time. That’s courage. Living and being your truth is what courage is. Not my truth, not their truth. Your truth. Whatever that may be.

What is courage to you? Comment below or drop me a line, I would love to know!