Trust me, there are many asanas I am far from having mastered. But right now my challenge is to practice and keep up a whole other kind of posture: reclining with my feet up and reading a book, for fun.

(Remember last week's challenge, the one I invited you to join in? Have you? How's it going?)

It's been months and months since I read a novel. I read a lot. Mainly to learn, advance, educate myself. In constant pursuit of efficiency, and productivity, and what not. Am I missing the point?

I'm reading a backpacking novel. An easy breezy read. I am hooked. Can't put it down. And when I least expect it, it serves me a reminder! From Backpack  by Emily Barr:

"I despair, not for the first time, of the western cult of stress. (...) The Great Leisure predicted in the fifties certainly never happened. Quite the opposite. I am certain, now, that westerners, and Londoners in particular, rush around madly all the time to give themselves some sense of validity, to cover the fact that their lives are miserable and empty. People are scared of being alone and at leisure. I know I was. When I worked in London, I'd have felt a failure if I hadn't been able to say 'stressed' in response to 'How are you?' Stress equalled success."

Who cares if I can balance on my little finger? Must not fall back into the old pattern. Must not fall back into the old pattern. Must not. Bring on the leisure!


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