Someone suggested to me the other day that it might be a good idea to stick with yoga related topics on my blog. It was in reference to my mixtape posts. Well, let me have a think!

Yoga is such an all encompassing practice. It's way more than just stretching yourself into shapes on the mat aka the asana practice. Don't get me wrong. I am a yoga teacher. I love practicing and teaching asana. But that's not where yoga begins and ends.

Music is yoga. Any kind of music, not only devotional. Musicians practice ahimsa by making music. Most often translated as non-violence, ahimsa is much more than just that. Kindness, compassion for all living things. By creating beautiful music, musicians endlessly spread bliss, joy and happiness. They make people happy and the world a better place. What is yoga if not this?

I am superexcited about Arcade Fire's new album which is coming out at the end of October. Their first single, Reflektor, is the best track I've heard all year. Enjoy! I'm off to yoga to the mixtape.


01. "reflektor" - arcade fire

02. "feed me diamonds" - MNDR

03. "full circle" - half moon run

04. "love run dry" - owl eyes

05. "female robbery" - the neighbourhood

06. "tuxedos" - cold war kids

07. "locomotive" - alex winston

08. "need it" - half moon run

09. "future starts slow" - the kills

10. "the way we get by" - spoon

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