The secret to being a champion? Yoga, apparently! Yep, that's right. Andy Murray credits his improved performance on court, and a much calmer temperament of late, with yoga. Hot yoga to be precise.

Whether you play tennis, or do any other kind of traditional sport -- run, cycle, football, rubgy, etc -- you should know that yoga is a great complement to all of those. Well, you are here. So chances are that you are way more into yoga than rugby.

But let's say that you have family, friends, aquaintances that are not. Into yoga. They are into running though. Or cycling. Or tennis. And you watch them master their discipline of choice. You watch them win, and you watch them lose. You watch them get injured. It happens a lot more than is necessary.

And this is your cue to talk about the many benefits of yoga. For runners, for all kinds of athletes. They need to know that yoga can help them perform better, and hurt less. Win win!


♥ Improve performance

♥ Prevent injury

♥ Recover faster

Top three I say, but they are really umbrellas for the endless list of more detailed benefits that yoga can offer. Strength, endurance, stability. Body awareness. Mental strength. Coordination. Flexibility is not a prerequisite for yoga, it's another benefit that comes in time with regular practice. I could go on and on and on.

It's Wimbledon time so I got a little help from Andy Murray to champion the benefits of yoga -- Wimbledon final's tomorrow, go Andy!!!

But I can really only tell you about what I know, and what I know is running. Join me over the next couple of weeks or so to find out more about the benefits of yoga to runners (although the principles do apply across all sports).


In the meantime, I would love to hear from you. What is your greatest challenge in running or other sports? What would you most like to improve? Are you prone to a particular injury?


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