I learned this acronym recently via Gabrielle Bernstein. I think it's genius. So simple. Yet so helpful and effective. No nonsense. Catchy.

Do you ever wish you could roll back the time just a few seconds, and forever cancel whatever it is that just came out of your mouth? I do. Do you ever find yourself in a conversation that feels like a tennis match: everybody wants to have their say but nobody listens? I do.


Next time you catch yourself saying, or about to say, something that you KNOW you will regret later, or wish you could take back, W.A.I.T. and, following Sai Baba's advice, ask yourself:

♥ Why am I talking?

♥ Is it kind?

♥ Is it necessary?

♥ Is it true?

♥ Does it improve upon the silence? Why am I talking? It's a wise question to ask yourself. Often. 

Try it, see what happens and let me know!


But I was actually going somewhere else with this today...

Do you ever feel like you are on a treadmill, or shall we call it the hamster wheel? Always in pursuit, always moving forward. Time is scarce. Time flies by. Is there tightness in your chest? Is your head constantly buzzing? Mine is.

Every now and then, the time comes to check in and take stock. It could be the new year's day, it could be the new moon, it could be another birthday approaching. Or the time just comes for no particular reason other than an innate need to stop and listen to yourself. Who am I. What do I want. Where am I going.



I came across the August break via Pugly Pixel blog, my favourite online eye candy, and decided to join in. I am taking the August off words and writing. I'll be taking pictures instead. Maybe every day, maybe every other day. Who knows. But I won't be writing.

I'll be training my ear to listen to my inner voice. Inner guide. Inner wisdom. Whatever you want to call it. I'll be taking time to talk less, and listen, watch and observe more. And I invite you to join me!

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H A P P Y   A U G U S T   B R E A K  


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