I've never taken part in a charity race before, let alone one to feature up to 25,000 people. I guess my finishing time won't matter much, and it's not the point of it anyway. But still, I've been getting a bit nervous about the whole thing and all kinds of ridiculous thoughts started invading my brain.

What if I lose my team? Do I run off if they are too slow? Do I try to keep up if they're not? What happens when I cross the finish line? Do I hang around or just scoot off to meet friends and family? What if it's too hot? Too cold? Can I make a final push to get a bit closer to my target amount of cash raised? What colour shorts to wear with the blue charity t-shirt? Hair up or hair down? Seriously!? STOP IT NOW!



A little interlude: Here's your last chance before the race to donate to support the Mayhew Animal Home. Be the most generous sponsor and the watercolour portrait of Poppy painted by me (above) could be yours! If you are in the UK, you can now sponsor me straight from your phone: simply text MSUG98 £amount to 70070 -- you can donate the following amounts: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10, it couldn't be easier! MASSIVE THANKS!

My head has been all over the place and, this morning, I finally realised what to do. I messed up. I promised to meet a friend for an early morning yoga class and a tea afterwards. But instead I was still in bed at nine. Yes, nine! I totally overslept. It happens, you might think, no big deal.

Well, the truth of the matter is that I can't let myself off the hook so easily on this one. Have you ever had to catch a silly o'clock early morning flight when you had to get up at 3am? You set the alarm the night before -- maybe two alarms if you're worried you might sleep through -- and then you wake up at 2:55 the next 'morning' all by yourself. Yep. The trick is that you were aligned with the idea of getting up so early. The body clocked it before you went to sleep and then did as it was meant to do.

So the truth is that last night I was not aligned, and this morning I let my friend down. (Sorry hon, won't happen again!)



Wise words, need I add more? 

There have been a few instances this week when I thought: I could have done better. If only I paid more attention. If only I focused more on that one thing!

Scattered, diffused attention is not a currency well spent. It's like buying five pairs of cheap shoes instead of one good pair that will last years!


♥ Focus on one thing at a time.

♥ Have a good think about your intention for the task at hand and align yourself with the desired outcome.

♥ If your attention keep going away to that never ending list of other things to do, you might have taken on too much, so get eliminating. Cross out anything that is not in line with your 'big picture', nor adds any value to your life.

♥ Begin with the task that will make the most difference right this time to start building positive momentum.

Well done, you're all set for success now!

Right, I'm off to align myself with my inner champion ahead of Sunday's race. How about you? What's on the cards this weekend?


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