Have you ever wished for a dislike button on Facebook?

You know, for the times when you see a post that really strikes a chord with you but is either sad or shocking, or both. It's the kind of news that makes you want to express your solidarity but to 'like' simply isn't appropriate.

I have. But I am actually very happy there isn't one!



I've been all about positive psychology lately. All the books, articles and interviews that come my way these days stress the importance of looking on the bright side, one way or another.

And the thing is -- intentionally or not -- with the lack of a dislike button, Facebook is promoting positive psychology (I really hope the dislike button isn't in the making as we speak) and that's a good thing.

What happens when you want to dislike a post but the button isn't there to indulge you in a matter of a split second? You have to become more creative (and human!) and express your sentiments in words. Or you might choose to share the news with others if you feel the topic should be talked about. Or you simply acknowledge the negative news and move on.

By not disliking it with a click of a button, you are making the world a better place! Win-win all'round!


This is a great habit to get into in your real life (=offline) too. It's new moon tomorrow and, as you know by now, that is a fantastic time to start something new, to plant the seed.

So, next time this happens: someone bumps into you in the street, or steps on your toes on a train, or jumps a queue, or the internet is too slow, or the train is late... or any other one of those small things that happen every day and are, in all honesty, not really a big deal but can be very very irritating indeed... try the following:

♥ Take a deep breath

♥ Smile

♥ Move on

And yes, it's that simple! You might think, 'I'll spend more time in the queue because of the person that jumped it', or 'I'll be late because of the train', etc etc. But is that really the end of the world?

By getting all worked up about it, you are doing absolutely nothing to help the situation, you are only hurting yourself. And the tiny upset is most likely going to snowball with you until your whole day becomes one big nightmare.

Remember, the queue jumper doesn't give a sh*t that you are upset. The train will be late whether you like it or not. The situation is entirely out of your control and so you may as well surrender to it.

It might mean that you get more time to read a book. Maybe there is something else you can do whilst waiting? Maybe you take a few minutes to do nothing at all and just be. 


From the yogic point of view, this goes all the way back to good old Ahimsa, or non-violence, or compassion for all living things; one of the universal moral recommendations as set out in the ancient Yoga Sutras.

Even if you don't communicate your dislike or upset outwardly, you still give off negative energy out to your environment. And keeping your dislike bottled up inside, ultimately, means committing violence towards yourself.


Actively disengage from all those irritating little things for 24 hours. It might be difficult to break the habit at first. If you catch yourself getting upset over something minor, that's fine: acknowledge the fact, let it go, don't beat yourself up about it.

Next time you get pushed on the train, smile at the person (or just to yourself), let it go, move on. And then watch what happens next. See your day unfold in a whole new light as you make space for the good things to happen to you. It works every single time!

Have a beautiful day and let me know how the experiment goes!


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