Running with or without music is based entirely on a personal preference. Mine is with. Always. Unless I run with someone else and don't want to be anti-social.


I prefer running by myself. I am terrible at multitasking and only whilst running alone can I fully concentrate on the physical activity. How my feet hit the ground, how high I lift my knees, what my arms are doing, how upright my spine is. Running is a whole body kind of exercise, believe it or not.

Just like in yoga, I like to synchronise my breathing with movement. 

Focus on the breath. 

Inhale on four, exhale on four. Integrate the core and limbs. It's a teamwork of body and mind, and mindfulness is essential to maximise the potential.

There are many advantages to mindful running:

Better performance

Lesser chance of injury

Added benefit of meditation in motion


Adding music to the mix, or not, is completely personal. I like how the right track puts a spring into my step and gets me to the top of the hill. Or how it helps me speed up my tempo for a strong finish (hello "Caesar" = a 4mins/km tune!).

I don't find lyrics distracting. Since English is not my native tongue, I can easily switch them off in my mind. And, of course, words can be very poignant at times ("I will survive").

If you fall into my camp -- running with music -- I hope you enjoy this playlist!

01. "caesar" - i blame coco feat robyn 

02. "let's make love and listen to death from above" - css

03. "i will survive" - cake

04. "rich girl" - gwen stefani

05. "four letter word" - gossip

06. "i will possess your heart" - death cab for cutie

07. "nightcall" - kavinsky

08. "he's a dream" - shandi

09. "fido, your leash is too long" - the magnetic fields

10. "reality & fantasy" - raphael gualazzi

Play with


Play with


What is your favourite running tune? Or do you prefer to go without? Either way, I'd love to hear from you so give me a shout!


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