Have I not mentioned Pinterest before? Reeeaaally?? Long overdue then! Well, if you are a visual person like me, you love Pinterest. If you don't know what I'm talking about* (you have lived in a cave, or been offline for quite some time), read on because you WILL love it!

*Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, or scrapbook if you like. Imagine Twitter with images instead of words. Oh no, you have no idea what Twitter is because you've lived in a cave / offline... Pinterest is... a fantasy land where pretty pictures rule.
you rock
you rock


It really was a love at first sight: 

I love pretty pictures + I love things nicely 

(some say obsessively) 

organised = I love Pinterest. No brainer. 

I don't spend hours there but I do have a peek more or less every day. Just a few minutes of browsing through the feed can kickstart my imagination or get me through a creative block. 

It motivates me to practice a particular yoga pose or inspires an outfit.

 It's visual mediation. Time stops, the mind quietens. Sometimes it's like a zen garden, sometimes it's complete madness. It always opens new doors, every single time. The possibilities are endless!


Pinterest is now going local, and as part of this effort the #pinitforwardUK campaign has been launched. Being such a Pinterest geek, I am very proud indeed to be part of it. And thanks 

to Anna of 

Far From The Wedding Crowd

 for the fab introduction yesterday!

What's this all about you ask? From this month onwards, you have the option to make your Pinterest location optimised. So if you specify that you are in the UK and select appropriate language option, the site will appear in British English (there are a few other languages available if you are elsewhere!), and your searches will return more of a 'local' content. Yes, we've made a full circle, the internet is going local!




Words can't do yoga full justice, the picture is never complete. Images tend to fill some of the gaps that words can't. They can invoke a feeling, memory or atmosphere in an instant. Images cross borders and boundaries and language barriers.

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Happy pinning ^_^


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