Everybody wants a little kitten or a puppy. But what about the older animals that have been abandoned, lost a home, or their owner died?

That's exactly what happened to Poppy whom we adopted from the Mayhew last week. Poppy is 8, slightly chubby, missing some teeth and snores (yes, she does, I have a video to prove it! she snores like a man!) -- but is the sweetest, most affectionate and most grateful cat I have ever seen! She clearly knows her luck :)


That's not Poppy in the picture though, it's Ivan, a 10 year old boy. Ivan was found abandoned about a year ago in a pretty bad shape somewhere in the Czech Republic. He's now put on weight, his health has improved (although some of his ailments are chronic due to being left untreated for too long) and, most importantly, has grown to really enjoy company and affection. Such a cutie, fingers crossed he finds a new home soon!


If you live in the Czech Republic and want to help Ivan, please get in touch with Toulave Tlapky or follow them on Facebook to get regular news about their activity. There are many ways to help:

♥ Adopt an animal

♥ Donate money

♥ Donate food, toys, all kinds of material

♥ Become a volunteer

♥ Adopt virtually -- place a banner on your website

There are Ivans everywhere in the world. UK alone has about 2.5 million abandoned cats at any given time. Just sayin.

If you want to help or even give some lucky creature a second chance, check out your local animal shelter. 

In London, I can recommend the Mayhew Animal Home* where Poppy came from (they take the welfare of animals very seriously!). If you are elsewhere in the world, please let me know about good animal shelters in your area!

(* You could also help me raise some much needed cash for The Mayhew Animal Home here. I am running the British 10k to support them!)



Ahimsa is a sanskrit term usually translated simply as non-violence. Personally, I prefer the slightly softer definition of 'compassion for all living things'.

Ahimsa is one of the yamas (= universal principles of morality) which in turn are part of the eight limbs of yoga as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, an ancient yogic text often considered the core of the teachings of yoga.

What better way to practice ahimsa than giving second chance to a (feline, canine, human, insert your own...) being in need!



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