In the spirit of practicing ahimsa (non-violence, compassion for all beings), I have decided to take action. Or did I decide... to be honest, it felt more like a moment of madness when I signed up for the British 10k London Run 2013. But then it was done and it all made sense:

I have a soft spots for the feline kind (well, I do love all animals but cats have a very special place in my heart) and we have recently adopted a cat from The Mayhew Animal Home, Poppy (the beauty in the picture).

I have seen first hand the great work everyone at The Mayhew does. They care for abandoned pets (of which, sadly, there are more than you can imagine) and find them new homes. They focus heavily on the prevention of cruelty and neglect. I mean, if that isn't ahimsa! They run highly successful neutering, educational, fostering, volunteering and community projects. But The Mayhew Animal Home is a charity and wouldn't be able to do all this great work without our support.

And so I have decided to move from passive admiration to inspired action. I will be running 10k on the 14th of July to raise cash for this fantastic charity and I need your help. Frankly, I will need all the help that I can get to make it to the finish line -- and your generosity might be just the thing that'll keep me going!


If you happen to be in London on the 14th of July, come cheer me on! If this cause resonates with you, please pop over to my Just Giving page where you can make a donation. It's all very easy and secure. 

Finally, please help by spreading the word. Forward this to your friends, family, colleagues. Pin, tweet, share on Facebook. Whichever works for you!


Now, I know that there are all sorts of terrible things happening around the world -- wars, starving children, natural disasters, senseless acts of violence... -- and that abandoned pets may seem like a minor issue in the light of those. But they do need us. In the world that we, humans, created, animals are helpless and at our mercy.

And spreading the love any way you can will inevitably raise the amount of love in the world, and eventually contribute to resolving things that are bigger than us. Think of the drop in the ocean. Every single act of love, no matter how tiny, matters.


If you are on the verge of giving... let me entice you a little -- the first (sorry, got a winner there already!) and the most generous contributors will receive a very special prize (currently in the making, stay tuned!) 

So are you going to give? Come on, you know you want to!

My most heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you who have donated already, as well as to those who are yet to donate!