I have taken on a

running challenge

. (Of course, you know already... I've been going on about it like a crazy person!) I have found a training plan appropriate for the length of race (10km), the training time (8 weeks) and my target race time (under 50 minutes, maybe?) -- it's asking me to run five times a week. FIVE TIMES A WEEK!!!!! Not exactly what I would CHOOSE to do, but it's where my competitiveness kicks in. Or is it something else?


I woke up this morning to a hideously grey rainy day and, immediately, thought: 'Surely I can't go out running in this??' But then my other half says: 'Oh come on, man up!' (so English...) 'When I was in boarding school, I had to go out for rugby practice rain or shine, don't be a wuss.' I muttered something along the lines of not having a personal experience with boarding schools and other quirks of being brought up in England... But then I remembered the school year back in Prague when I was nine. I joined a highly competitive handball team, and we did just that!

We trained outside four times a week through all seasons. Rain or shine. Or snow for that matter. I remembered the intensive training trips where we ran miles and miles in the snow and slept on the gym floor. Memory is an amazing thing, and mine clearly decided to file this tortuous experience right at the bottom of the archive. But hang on, the thing is, I am actually quite proud of my handballing achievements! The memory of the pain endured along the way is so faint that it doesn't even matter... oh yeah, where was I going with this?


Perception. It's all about how you look at things. I find that at the root of every negative thought is fear of some kind. And this fear is usually just some fake projection masquerading as reality. A-ha!

I don't feel like running because of the weather but because I am afraid. Of what? Failure. Making a fool of myself. Not raising enough money. (Did I mention the running challenge is for charity? Check out

my Just Giving page

to find out more about the cause! Cats, of course.) Yep, the ego is playing up. Not going for the run would only play in the hand of the ego and make those fears eventually materialise. A good old vicious circle. So I went out running and it felt great. And the fears just became totally irrelevant. ^_^

Next time you don't feel like doing something that you need to do, or deep down actually want to do, be honest with yourself: what is it that you're afraid of?



Step back and look for any fears lurking around (they may not even be connected to the 'thing' you are avoiding at the time!)


Acknowledge those fears, sai hi and move on.


Go ahead and just do it! Do the 'thing', whatever it is that you don't feel like doing but have to and, more importantly, deep down want to do.

If you have your own tricks and tips on how to bust the fears, I'd love to hear about it, so please comment below or email me!


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