I know, what a trivial question! Obviously, the answer is: feed and water. Nurture and grow.

Today is new moon. New cycle, new beginning, time to take stock. So far I have been focusing on planting seeds. Starting something new. But as my last week's spring clean (ongoing, I might add) brought up, I am really good at starting things. Less so at finishing them.


You can't do that with seeds. When you stop watering and feeding, the seed dies. However, if you keep up consistently nurturing it, the seed will eventually become a beautiful fruit-bearing plant. Or even a tree!

I wonder why the lack of finishing... Impatience? Flakiness? Or shall I say: the inability to edit ideas, scattering focus in all directions, failing to finish many? Whichever the right answer is, there's no point beating myself up about it. It is what it is.


Recognising that things are what they are is all very well. But why not choose to take a step beyond just acceptance. Why not make a little tweak here and there, and see what happens. 

Hence my intention for this month: start finishing. Simple tasks first, get into the habit of finishing, baby step by baby step.

Some of the things I am planning to be finishing this month:

My spring clean. The fridge is looking fab inside out. Tick. My cyber space is about 80% there. Almost tick. My headspace is just as messy as it was last week, the mental white space fun sheet is hiding underneath my laptop. Oops.

Books. There is a pile of at least ten books by the side of my bed. I am reading most of them (scattering focus in all directions, failing to finish many). If I finish two of them by the end of this month, I'll be very very happy. I might even report back on one or both of them! 

Assignments. Growth doesn't come from completing the tasks that are easy. Growth comes from facing the tasks that require us to to face up to a challenge, dig deep and get uncomfortable. There are a couple of assignments I have been skirting around the past few of weeks, pretending they were not really there. Time to get out of my own way and tackle those!

Are there any 'finishers' out there? What's your secret to completing the task at hand? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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