Are you a less-is-more kind of person, or are you a 'collector'? Do you like your environment on the minimal side, or do you find clutter cozy?  Either way, there is always room for a bit of spring cleaning in our lives.

I am a notorious de-clutterer. I more or less spring clean all year round. But still, there is something about doing just a little bit extra this time of year. A symbolic fresh start. (New moon coming up next week -- timing or what!) On to the spring clean.

Here are some of the things I'll be clearing out this week:

My inbox. Hm, this is a big one. Clutter seems to spread like plague in my inbox. Probably because - as the old saying goes - what is out of sight...

My desktop. Ditto. Once I actually created a new folder, called it DESKTOP and swept EVERYTHING from the actual desktop in there... It's still there, entirely unsorted.

Fridge, the outside of it. There seems to be quite a lot of crap accumulating on the front of our fridge. Yeah, this one's really tough! Well, it's good to have an easy task on the list to boost the morale :)

Fridge, the inside of it. Many jars of jams, chutneys and other stuff live in our fridge. Some of it well past the best before date. Nuff said.

My head. Now, this is a reeeaally big one. I have recently found out something about myself. Apparently, I am very good at starting things. I am a little less good at finishing all of them. As a result, there is a lot of mind clutter floating around in my head. Luckily, I have also recently found out  -- via Marie Forleo -- about a great head clearing exercise:


Essentially, the idea of this exercise is to get stuff out of your head and onto a piece of paper. Follow this up by crossing out any items that are irrelevant, out of your control etc. It works a treat. You can feel the weight literally lift off your shoulders. Get the long story of this exercise in this Marie TV episode.

Let the spring cleaning begin! How about you? What are you spring cleaning this year? Your body, your wardrobe, your mind...?


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