Stockings ^_^

Stockings ^_^

This month's music is just girls. That's nothing against men but it's really been all about girls lately. I have met so many amazing, talented and inspiring women over the last few weeks that, I guess, the theme just kind of stuck... Sooo, this for you, girls :)

1. "in your dreams" - dark dark dark

2. "the fall" - rhye

3. "space & time" - the pierces

4. "la maigrelette" - amelie-les-crayon

5. "the truth is in the dirt" - karen elson

6. "private lawns" - angus & julia stone

7. "l'autre bout du monde" - emily loizeau

8. "dark undercoat" - emily jane white

9. "i follow rivers" - lykke li

10. "the wrecking ball company" - marrisa nadler

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