Next monday (the 11th of March) is


, and a

time to check in


Last month, I set out to work on

eating mindfully

Well, I can't say I have been very successful with this, but I am definitely more aware of the situation. I still find it rather challenging to do nothing but eat my lunch without another activity to occupy my fidgety mind. Apparently, it takes on average 

66 days

 to form a habit (or is it


? or does it even matter?). So, technically, I should not be alarmed, keep going and I'll be eating mindfully by the end of the month?

The problem I am having is that, in order to eat mindfully, I need to be mindful of my intention. However, I usually become hungry (mindlessly I might add) whilst in the middle of something. I grab my lunch quickly and carry on doing whatever I was doing before hunger kicked in. Oh and then, when there are only a couple of mouthfuls left, then my mind catches up and I remember: I am supposed to be eating mindfully! Oops.

I am one of those people who become hungry suddenly, and the gap between being simply hungry and passing-out-from-starvation hungry is very very short. I need to act fast (hence the scenario above). I have tried to control my lunchtime hunger by making appointments with myself hoping that the regularity of it might do the trick, but I seem to break my own appointments all too easily.

What to do, what to do... any tips out there?


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