The only way to really evolve is out of our comfort zone. And being out of our comfort zone often means dealing with stress, fear, overwhelm, you name it. How nice would it be to

 have a bank of tried and tested quick fixes for these kinds of situations? Well, there's one coming right up, read on!

I've had a pretty overwhelming couple of weeks. Everything is happening at the same time. I've been pulled in all directions (mainly by my own self, admittedly), not really knowing where to jump first... let alone carving enough time to put up an asana post... 

And then a thought popped up: this is my blog where I do what I want to do! And right now I just want to look at pictures of cute kittens and forget about everything else.

And then this one came along :) 

That's got to be the lion pose, surely!


Great pose, endless benefits. According to the Yoga Journal, simhasana is a good pose to "clear the air"'. And I would add, not only literally!

There's nothing like a bit of lion's breath to break the ice in a class. This is particularly useful in a workshop or any other group practice where interaction is likely to take place (i.e. not necessarily your usual 'run in, pretend no one else is present, do some stretching, run out' kind of class).

It helps relieve tension in the face and in the chest, and generally helps us to relax and let go. 

Yep, the pose makes us look silly and ridiculous, but so what!

On a physical level, the lion pose 'cures foul breath and cleans the tongue' (Light on Yoga). Mr Iyengar also says that a prolonged practice of this pose may help with a stutter. I can't speak about the stutter from a personal experience but will take the master's word for it!

Simhasana instructions:

♥ Kneel on the floor and cross legs at the ankles with the right ankle on top.

♥ Sit back on the heels, toes pointing back, hands on your knees.

♥ Extend torso forward keeping the spine straight.

♥ Press the palms of your hands on the knees and straighten the arms.

♥ Inhale deeply through the nose, open your mouth wide, stretch the tongue out towards the chin, look towards the root or the tip of your nose, and exhale through the mouth with an audible 'ha' sound.

♥ Keep breathing in the pose for about 30 seconds.

♥ Change the cross of the ankles and repeat the whole process.

The lion pose can be done more or less anywhere, any time and easily whip some magic off the mat too.


Find a bit of private and quiet space and do the lion pose beforehands. It will only take a minute and the effect will be priceless! Just don't get caught by the boss :)