Tonight is new moon. And today is Monday which I have designated to be an asana post day... Which is why I decided to post about new moon ahead of time, last Friday....

Argh, I feel like I went completely against the flow and it just doesn't feel right! I refuse to be bound by my own rules here (asana can wait until tomorrow anyway) so I am starting all over again:

Tonight is NEW MOON. It's a very special one for me, a real milestone. Things are finally starting to fall into place business-wise. B-School, which I signed up for only last week, officially starts today. (That's a whole other story that I will no doubt explore over the next 8 weeks!) As does Oprah & Deepak's 21-day meditation challenge. (I do keep thinking Oprah & Chopra though...ha!)

Let's focus on the MEDITATION bit. For me, meditation is about going into a place of calm, peace and inner stillness. It's about reconnecting with the universal self. It's my best tool for starting the day with clarity and a happy, content frame of mind. I usually get my best ideas right after meditation, yay!

I have been cultivating my daily meditation practice for about 18 months now, a practice that is forever changing and evolving. It's usually the very first thing I do every morning, but there are still days when I skip... Those days never feel the same, like I am missing something.

And so the seed I am planting this month is one of refinement: I am starting the 21-day meditation challenge today to fine tune my practice. It's always refreshing and eye opening to explore other people's take on things, other points of view, and a challenge is the best support system for building up a good discipline. It definitely works for me.