Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you say, she's got money, she's got help... True. But money and privileged lifestyle are not the only way to looking and feeling bright, young, happy and healthy.

You'd be surprised how much difference a ten minute meditation and/or yoga routine can make when practiced every day.


Sure, it would be great to have hours each day to devote to ourselves, or to have a private instructor to guide us through the practice. But there's no need to despair, I have a solution for you :)

I'll tell you what works for me. Routine, routine, routine. When I do something at the same time every day, my brain eventually gets it and, over time, this habit becomes second nature.

When it comes to meditation and yoga, I like to get down to it first thing in the morning. Straight after I wake up, before doing anything else. Before I get swept up by the day's activities, to do lists and so on.

Sometimes I only have ten minutes. Sometimes I don't even get off my bum being happy with a few seated stretches (stay tuned, I will share my lazy morning routine soon!). Sometimes I simply just sit for a few minutes. 

On other days, I spend an hour or more (well, this happens less often than not) doing an intense physical practice. And that's all fine! 

Because, of course, quality matters over quantity and consistency is key.

So what's that got to do with Gwyneth's pretty face? The effects of regular yoga and meditation practice have been proven. I'll let the images below speak for this one.


I'll let you judge for yourself. What I can see is as if a light has been lit up in every single one of them. Their complexion has brightened up and their eyes sparkle.

Don't you feel really motivated right now? I know I do. So go on and give it a go. Can you manage ten minutes every morning?

And if you happen to be in London or around and still fancy some personal instruction, then do get in touch with me :)