It's one of those things that, even though maybe not always enjoyable, are indispensable. A habit, a personal ritual, something that we do every day. Morning meditation, lunchtime run, evening yoga. Cooking, reading a book, gardening, making music, taking a bath.

I am deliberately only listing activities that can be done alone, activities that offer a little respite from the world, and that includes other people. Probably because I like having a little alone time to catch up with myself!

I have been working on establishing a good working routine for myself and, in the process, have discovered that self-discipline is a toughie (even the obvious can surprise). There is nothing like externally imposed deadline or a promise to make me stick with it. Otherwise things can go two ways: either I become a little too hard on myself (guilt and all) or I go the exact opposite direction and let myself off very easily.

After years of working in a busy and demanding job, where time to myself was like gold dust and ruthless efficiency was a must, I kind of miss the rules, limitations and responsibility to deliver that made me so productive and creative.

Working for myself has thrown the whole thing on its head. I now need to rebuild the structure with my own rules - or I might call them good working habits since rules tend to get broken :) - and exposing them here should provide the feeling of responsibility to deliver!

Habits take time to establish, so I will be taking baby steps, practice a lot of patience and regularly add to my rolling list, starting with the basic common sense (wake up early, no computer late at night, that sort of thing).


Failing to get up early in the morning turns my whole day into one big slippery slope. No matter what I do for the rest of the day, I have this niggly feeling of being behind when I let myself sleep in a bit. This exercise is about retraining the body and mind and cultivating better habits. And it all starts in the morning because what you do first thing in the morning matters.


The other big one for me is to stay away from the computer in the evening. Sometimes things need to get done but it's ultimately counter productive and sleep disruptive to spend evenings plugged in. No brainer.

So there we go, good organised framework is my lifeline. What's yours? I'd love to hear form you!

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