Since I have vowed to work on cultivating good living and working habits, and another new moon is fast approaching (on sunday the 10th), it is time for the monthly check in on my resolutions and for another seed to be planted.

Today is all about eating. I like to think that I have a well balanced diet and a very healthy relationshop with food: I eat regularly, don't skip meals and allow myself treats when I feel like it. Since I am pretty much completely missing a sweet tooth, the treat would normally be something quite salty and fatty. But most of the time, my meals consist of vegetables, grains and always some protein. The good eating habit that I need to work on is:


I am a natural fidget and find it difficult to stop doing things. The same goes for eating, somehow I always have this need to multitask: eat and watch, eat and read, eat and talk... It's a bad habit deeply ingrained after years of eating at my desk whilst catching up on my emails. Well, it was the nature of my job then.

These days I accompany my lunches with things way less stress inducing (watching youtube, reading a magazine). But the point is that even innocent activities are ultimately distracting and stressful on a subtle level.


Paying attention when eating, I find that the basic good eating habits just sort of come naturally: I eat slower and chew more. This is great for digestion as the system receives food in a consistency that allows for easier extraction of nutrients and subsequent processing for elimination.

It also means that my brain has a chance to register the stomach's signal that it's full before I over eat (happens easily, I really really love my food). 

When I pay attention and eat slower, I also appreciate flavours so much more. Surely, food must be one of the main sources of happiness so why cheat yourself out of it by eating whilst watching TV!

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