Wow, March is nearly here... In some way, I wonder how we got so far into 2013 this fast, and in another, it feels like this little blog of mine has been here with me for years rather than for only just under a couple of months! In any case, two months' worth of blogging seems like a really good time to stop and take stock.

So why did I start this in the first place? Well, it is nice in times of big change to have a little crutch, something that is there for us when everything else is new, uncertain, ever-changing. 

It is also very useful to have an outlet for thoughts and ideas, and writing stuff down is a great way to get clarity on a subject. The process of 'figuring out' is not always easy: feeling lost, being drawn into different directions, joy, frustration, moments of sudden inspiration, stumbling in circles... It's all part of the process and, even if it might feel like it at times, none of it is a waste of time.

One thing that has been really useful to me in terms of getting some structure into my yoga studies is putting together the asana posts. I have decided to make this column a little bit more regular and organised, and from now on will be publishing an asana post every Monday. Hopefully, in time other patterns will surface but for now, this is a good start!