The thing is, unless you live in a cave, it is virtually impossible to avoid the valentine madness that descends on the western world every february. I can get to the point when anything remotely red, pink or heart-shaped starts to induce a case of mild nausea in me. And then the next day, it's back to business as usual, love forgotten for another year. Well not quite but you know what i mean. 

There is more to love than a great marketing campaign once a year. And there is more to love than just the romantic kind. Because love is. All around. For life not just for Valentine's day. So remember to:

♥ Love yourself

♥ Love your partner

♥ Love your family

♥ Love your friends

♥ Love your enemies

♥ Love your colleagues

♥ Love all people

♥ Love your cat

♥ Love your dog

♥ Love all animals

♥ Love plants

♥ Love the earth

♥ Love life

♥ Love everything

♥ Love always

And if there has to be a card, why not make it yourself! i have been doing just that, often with a little help from my best friend the internet. For example, there are some really amazing tutorials on mini eco. When i first came across this blog, I literally dropped everything and started printing, cutting, folding, crafting... it was true stationery love at first sight!