Itchy feet alert! I've only been back a couple of months but the little voice started nagging again... 'When are we next Asia-bound?', it wants to know. With no firm plans in place at the moment, I am resorting to reminiscing...

Bagan is a weird yet magical place. An active religious site and a place of pilgrimage, it is also one of the main tourist destinations in Burma. But in spite of that, it takes near to no effort to get lost amongst the circa 3000 temples, stupas, ceremonial halls, ruins etc and not see another tourist for days, and at the same time for a minute forget about the country's desperate human rights situation and dubious politics. Some of the temples have been around for a thousand years. Many have been rebuilt, many more have been destroyed by the frequent earthquakes. Cycling around on the dusty paths, we got transported back in time like nowhere else.

Visit Burma sooner rather than later, it won't stay this way for long...