Like every good yoga student, I have been delving in and out of the yoga sutras, a core yogic text written many moons ago by the ancient sage Patanjali. I have decided that this year, I will do this great work proper justice and study it in depth. The whole thing, one sutra at a time.

Now, if I spend one day on one sutra I should be done sometime in mid-july... but, that’s not really the point (I might be slower or I might be quicker). The point of this exercise is to dedicate some time each day, besides asana and meditation, to the study of yogic philosophy, its origins and history. The point of this exercise is to work on good habits. As Patanjali says quite early on (sutra I.14), continuity and regularity is more important than how long we spend on practice at a time - so, here we go! 

There are many different translations of the sutras available on the market which can, no doubt, be confusing and/or overwhelming (or both, as in my case). I got my copy (the one in the photo) from the legendary Carlos Pomeda during my teacher training and since Carlos is a real authority, I am sticking with this one.