new moon #1.png

Today is new moon. New moon marks the beginning of the month in many cultures: Muslim, Hebrew, Native American, Hindu, Buddhist, to name a few. New moon is also significant in, for example, bio-dynamic agriculture (not a new age invention but really a return to how things used to be done back in the day).

Traditionally, in most ancient cultures, new moon marked the beginning of a new cycle and in some modern cultures still does.

Mostly, however, we have become pretty disconnected from the universal cycles as if they had no impact on us (oh hang on, what moves the oceans and causes tides? And if it moves the oceans what does it do to us?). Instead, we go by the civil calendar and as for new beginnings, we go a bit bonkers making never-ending lists of futile resolutions once a year, on the new year’s day. 

I have never really done the new-year-resolution-making thing, but it always amazes me how much enthusiasm people can work up for the first few days or weeks of the year becoming their new improved selves... until they slip back into old habits and beat themselves up about failing miserably, again. The last thing you need in the middle of January!

How about making this whole exercise a little more realistic and achievable?

How about breaking it down to monthly cycles where the end is in sight and the motivation to carry on doesn’t wane purely because of the vast expanse of time ahead?

Could working with the lunar cycles be the magic ingredient to sticking with it (whatever IT may be)?

I am making this my personal challenge. Going by the calendar months might be more practical but I have always had a thing about the moon. So on this new moon, I will take a minute to sit down and write down what I plan to create and achieve in the next month; a few things or many, big or small, tangible or not. And then I’ll do it all over again on the next new moon, and the following new moon, and again... you get the gist.

Happy new moon!