2013... LET’S DO THIS!

It's time of big changes for me: new full time career (teaching yoga), a total lifestyle overhaul (no more practically living at airports and spending half my life up in the air), new blog (yep, I am joining the rest of the world and jumping on the blogging bandwagon) and who knows what else new is in store!

I have set up this little blog primarily to have a place for keeping track of myself and making sense of it all. It will be a lot of yoga, interspersed with some food, style and design (the designer in me is not going anywhere). That’s the plan anyway...

All these changes and new challenges make my head spin a little, so even though not one to usually make new year’s resolutions, I thought the time had come for some new habits and sat down to write my list of resolutions. The list started of pretty long and detailed but the more I thought about it the more it became obvious that the whole thing really just boils down to one single resolution:

GET OVER MY FEARS AND MY LAZINESS AND JUST DO IT. Fewer excuses, less hesitation, less procrastination, less planning and MORE DOING is what I am intending for 2013.

They say start as you mean to go on so... i’m off to DO.