she designed a life she loved

It's no secret that it's all really in the mind: relationships, work, money, happiness, everything...

Or is it? Not everyone might agree. I do. The tricky part is putting it into practice. I know that when my confidence in something is unshakeable, there is no stopping me. But I also know that when I believe something might go wrong, it most likely will even though I really really want it to go right. The culprits here are doubt and fear.

In my case, doubt and fear creep in when I don't really have a plan, or when the plan is quite vague. The more detailed the picture of what I want to achieve, the less room for doubt and fear there is to set in. So maybe it's not all in the mind after all, maybe the mind is all lost without a good solid design?

I know this in theory but don't always make time for good detailed planning in reality. Another new habit to work on then!